December 5, 2020

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OAP’s fight dirty: Nono Vs Ominimini (screenshots)

OAP’s fight dirty: Nono Vs Ominimini.

It seems this 2020 will be full of controversy as Two past Managers of Zanders fight dirty.

The fight which started from a post made by an Imo based Facebook influencer Duruji Ogechi Mcduke.

According to posts made by Miss Chinonso Jazzmine Okechukwu, this said “I was called to a post by Duruji Ogechi McDuke and comments under it by Jude Bonnison Pondis and #EsiriGrant,
Comments I suppose are for me.

#EsiriGrant, first you are a mad man.
A mad man with no balls.

Look at you dingbat that I saved from a sack!
You resigned out of shame, and you dare write about people stabbing you?

How many evils did you say with your gutter mouth?
How many times did you talk dirty about people (me inclusive) who helped your ugly ass!

I’m no coward, I’d drag you dirty if you play stupid with me!

I usually don’t respond to pigs, but since you want to play smart, I’d help you.

I chose not to respond to your stupidity all the while because I hate associating myself with idiots.

You have a problem with me, say it, stop hiding under comments”.

“Esiri grant I triple dare you to say what it is I did to you, say it here or make a post with my name on it and stop hiding under comments… coward!
I was raised better, I’m not a coward like you.
Someone offends me, I tell them straight up!
I don’t envy people’s success, the sky is big enough…

Same laffin gas who is now doing good, was the person you so bad mouthed when he was about starting his first ever inhale Lafin gas, what were your words!
“Lafin gas is my boy, I made him, he won’t survive with the show”…
Ngwanu mr maker, how far?
It’s the inhale Lafin gas year after year, what have you achieved biko?

When princewhite wanted to organize stuff, you were upset, you were so bitter, you said so many terrible things!
Ngwanu, let’s check the table.

Onions of comedy.

You are just a castrated goat.

Warri say, Warri say, i hope day you go ready to go back that warri soon.

You come to my state to make me uncomfortable, I’d send you back to your stupid city with your stupidity.

Strong man abi?
Make a post…

Stupid fellow.

My advice to staffers of reach fm, y’all should be careful of him.
He’s so terrible that he’d go saying crazy things about y’all to your boss.
Jaycee, I’m sure omini would be so upset with how fast you’ve achieved a lot in a little time.
He is a detailed devil.

Warri goat.

Write pim, and see me mop you on this space till infinity.

Tell your stupid sugar mummies to stay away from my DM’s I will drag y’all in the mud.
Tboy, banana mouth, yellow mouth, y’all were his boys!
He made all of you.
Omini, just write pim, let me break what’s left of your table and hit you on the spine with it.
You swine.

You take my calmness for granted.


From this write-up, it’s obvious that there are things we are missing and Quingist Media will dig deep till we uncover all that is hidden, meanwhile, we are yet to see any official post from Mr. Esiri Grant tagging Miss. Nono on this matter.

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