December 5, 2020

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Afam: Minister of Power Engr. Sale Mamman set to make a major blunder

Afam: Minister of Power Engr. Sale Mamman set to make a major blunder

Some power sector insiders are worried that the minister of power, Engr. Sale Mamman may be set to make a major blunder in the choice of the next Managing Director of the Afam plc in Port Harcourt.

A rat race to the position is currently going on between two General Managers of the plant. While Engineer Uzor Samuel Kelechi, a professional engineer registered at COREN, is seen as an all-time favorite because of his track record. He is the GM, Maintenance seen as the core of Afam. Mr. Victor During the GM Human Resources is also in the ring.

But some insiders are concerned that the Minister may have to be guided to avert a disastrous decision on the matter. They averred that the minister should endeavor to keep his word that only qualified and career engineers must man the plants. An insider, Amos Aladey, who spoke on the matter said that Victor During, a Human Resources specialist can not fit into the bill. Aladey notes that Afam, a pivotal plant that will greatly change the profile of power in the country, is too serious for any gamble. He said, “we have confidence in this minister and we believe he would do the right thing. The race between those two GMs is a simple one. It is between competence and entitlement. Uzor is the more qualified. Even the minister had said he prefers Engineers for the projects. There is thus, therefore, no need to belabor these issues.”

Aladey stressed that the choice of who is the next GM of Afam will be a litmus test of how serious the minister is about power generation. His words: “everyone in the industry is keenly watching what the honorable minister will do. If he inserts the square peg in this square hole, then he would be applauded. But I believe he would take the right decision.”

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