Oyedepo and his visa tussle by Adaku Quingist

Oyedepo and his visa tussle by Adaku Quingist

The Chairman of the Editorial and Media board unit of the Winner’s Chapel International, Prof. Sherrif Folarin has debunked rumours and news reports that Bishop David Oyedepo was denied an entry visa to the United States on Thursday, January 30, 2020.

In a statement released, the church stated that Bishop David Oyedepo renewed his visa, last year, without any initial denial or drama, or scene.

The statement which read in parts, stated “Bishop was not at the Embassy or Consulate Thursday or even anytime this year. Bishop has been in Canaanland all this week. The last time he applied for a visa, which was last year, he was issued without delay”.

“We wish to put it on record and categorically submit that this piece of information is not true. At no time was the Bishop denied visa, nor did he create a scene at the US consulate in Lagos.

“We have been in touch with the US Embassy and they are as surprised as we are about this fake news, which some media houses decided to spread.”

The church urged the populace to disregard the rumour and urged the Nigerian media to tow the line of due diligence before rushing to publish fake news.

The statement further affirmed that Bishop Oyedepo is a good friend of the US government and has a very good relationship with US Embassy and Consulate in Nigeria.

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