December 5, 2020

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  1. Your husband is your number one priorities respect and understands him.
  2. Your husband is your best friend, be friendly with him always.
  3. Your husband needs foreplay, don’t starve him.
  4. Your husband is not only the money spender but spoils him also.
  5. Your husband is a rare gem, hold him dearly.
  6. Your husband is not a family discussion topic, never report him to your family members it kills his ego.
  7. Your husband is your joy, nourish and feed him well.
  8. Your husband is to be cherished and pampered, be cheerful around him always.
  9. Your husband is your portion and soulmate, reciprocate it by being his soulmate.
  10. Your husband is not your rival, stop competing with him.
  11. Your husband is not common, stop comparing him with others.
  12. I know our tongue is fire please stop emotionally blackmailing him, if he dies early, your lost.
  13. Your husband is a man, handle him with care so that another will not replace you.
  14. Your husband is the head, please do not overload him.
  15. Your husband is important, respect him always and talk to him calmly no matter the situation.
  16. Your husband is already under a lot of pressure to better the lives of his family, please don’t add to it, never embarrass him in the public.
  17. Your husband choose you among many so stop been suspicious every time
  18. Your husband is passionate, do not bypass him. Make him Smile always. Be Romantic with Him. He will love you More and More and will always prefer to stay with you than hanging out with the boys
  19. Your husband is not perfect, forgive him and never separate your room, you are one body.
  20. Your husband is your king, worship him more than you worship your pastor

Meanwhile, do you know how many temptations he passes through each day?

Don’t forget to feed him well before any argument…

#datmediagal… Cares

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