November 30, 2020

Quingist Empire

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Don’t destroy what you can’t create.

Don’t destroy what you can’t create.

I’m in pain
I’m in tears
I’m scared
I’m heartbroken

What is wrong with women of this generation?
What happened to your consciousness?

So if you kill him you will be happy?
So the best way to settle it is to take his life?
So you rather your children become fatherless
So you rather you become a widow
Then have him cheat on you?

Where did you get all this wickedness from?
Where did the love you ones shared disappeared to?
Where is the woman he loved and choose instead of others?

Have you forgotten so fast how you turned others than for him?
Have you forgotten how you told your family that it’s him or no one?
Have you forgotten how he pampered you when you were expecting your first baby?

Dear Sister, what went wrong?
He cheats and so?
Is that enough to destroy what you can’t create?
Is that enough to go to prison?

Oh shame on you
Oh how foolish you are
How dare you shame us all
Are you really that desperate?
Are you really that stupid?

If you can’t take the heat
Leave the kitchen
Next time you stab a man for cheating,
We the Sidechicks will stone you to death.

Did your mother stab your father?
So you think he was a Saint?
Get sense, please

A man can marry more than one so get over the fact that he is just cheating and not taking a second wife.

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