What kind of daughters are we grooming for marriage?

A lady comes out shamelessly to say that she does not know how to cook, and you are applauding her, oh if my wife cannot cook, I will employ a cook. It’s Okay

That’s how it all starts, tomorrow she will tell you that your mother is disturbing her peace of mind and she is more comfortable with her mother, then the same you will tell your mother to go to her husband’s house that you and your wife are traveling or you look for a reason to dump her with her daughter your sister. Very Okay

No mother to force her to cook for you, you start eating junk, when you are tired of junk foods you decide to get a side chick who can help you make local meals, and you were lucky to get one. Still okay

Madam notices that you have changed, you are always full from wherever you are coming from and she decided to find out where, she finds your side chick and probably abuse her. Not okay.

Madam realizes that the hold side-chick has on you is stronger, she decides to face you, stab or pour hot water on you. Really Not Okay

Finally, you are at fault, you are the cause of your predicament, you misplaced your priorities, you failed to make clear what you want.

If you love good food, go for who can cook
If you want someone to take your mum as hers, make that a priority.
If you want 2wives, always discuss it with your first wife.



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