December 2, 2020

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My designer made me wed with a woman blouse (photo)

My designer made me wed with a woman blouse (photo)

A made from Ebonyi State has cried out after his fashion designer made a different cloth for him instead of his initial choice.

Speaking with our representative, he said “I saw this design and I loved it, so I took the picture with my material to my tailor and we agreed on the price, I paid. He was supposed to deliver it two days to my traditional marriage for fitting and adjustments but he didn’t, saying that he was not in town, on my traditional wedding day I sent my brother to collect it in the morning, only for him to return with a blouse.

I had no plan B because this is the only uniform we had for the marriage, so I had to wear it like that to my wedding. This is so painful and disgusting to me, I want nothing more than him to refund me all I spent on the material”

It was painful listening to his explanation because I could feel his pain. Tailors have been hurting people, you will ask for something else and get another thing.

What do you think we can do to this fashion disasters?

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