December 5, 2020

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Behold The Irresistible Woman By Zulu Ekomaru.

The Irresistible Woman By Zulu Ekomaru.

In the spirit of Women’s day, Mrs. Zulu Ekomaru is advising women to be irresistible.

In her words “Few weeks ago, my Photographer sent in pictures I took in his studio and I updated my WhatsApp status with it.. The picture got alot of admiration comments but this particular comment from one of my co-wives got me writing this morning. She wrote “MY IRRESISTIBLE WOMAN”.

Then, the question became… Are you an IRRESISTIBLE WOMAN?

The Irresistible Woman is that Woman who has an Emotional Maturity which is her biggest asset. She is happy, relaxed and emotionally stable. She knows how to maintain a good attitude at all times, she has a bubbly sense of inner Joy that doesn’t change with respect to circumstances. She accepts people for who they are and doesn’t denigrate or shit test them. She knows what she believes, What she likes and what she wants, she knows how to get along with people in a Win-Win way. She understands what it means to give every individual their needed Space therefore respects their boundaries and as well set boundaries for herself.

She puts effort into grooming herself and cares very much how people perceives her there by making deliberate effort to look nice outwardly and inwardly. She doesn’t easily get intimidated and her Self esteem is top notch. She’s unstoppable.

She has this intellectual sophistication and a sense of class irrespective of where she’s presently standing cos she’s always looking beyond her present. She’s passionate about something that is not self centered so she believes in what she does, whether its a social cause, her Job, her Buisness or even her Hobby. Simply put, she has a sense of purpose & meaning to her life.

She’s generous, forgives easily, she’s responsive and smart. She’s playful too(please don’t confuse playful with Silly). She’s a Woman who loves Life and isn’t ashamed to show it.

She has a positive personality traits which includes honesty, openness, kindness, decisiveness and assertiveness. She has no time for Drama, no indignant attitude, you can’t fool her, she rarely complains and she avoids taking shits from people.

She’s a, Woman of Substance, a Phenomenal Lady, She’s got Zeal and Charisma that is wrapped in Grace. Her Humanitarian Spirit is second to none. She’s all weather, she can perfectly fit into this two shoes, life of a LEADER & life of a FOLLOWER, either ways, she will be great in them. She’s Humility personified.

She posses an energy that is out of this world, you can’t tell the limit of her abilities and capabilities, she utilizes them to the fullest

She’s affectionate, she is ready and willing to Listen & Learn at all times. She’s willing to set aside her fear, yes it is ok to have fear, feel fear but then she says “I’m going to set this fear aside and move forward anyway, I might experience failures along the way but I’m sure of coming out Victoriously/successfully.” The buttom line on this point is that she is Trusting herself more than she succumbs to her doubt & fears.

She likes to laugh, Humor is an indispensable valuable trait of hers she holds dearly.

Finally, she’s always Grateful for everything. She knows how to say “THANK YOU” sincerely and with a smile.

Above all, She loves God, She counts God first, She believes in God, She talks about God and She lives a Life of Christ.

This is the Typical IRRESISTIBLE WOMAN.❤️❤️❤️

Can you see yourself here?
Are you wearing these Qualities?

Do Shakara, Today Women are celebrated all over the World. And you can only be Celebrated if you see yourself as the IRRESISTIBLE WOMAN of our time, it doesn’t matter where you are now, just walk with your head High”.


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©Zulu Ekomaru

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