December 1, 2020

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Feminism In Africa, A War Against Men by Awurum Darlington.

Feminism In Africa, A War Against Men by Awurum Darlington.

Imo born content curator and Social Media influencer Awurum Darlington has taken to his social media page to educate the world on the misconception of African on matters revolving around “Feminism” in Africa.

According to him “Feminism in Africa is only a movement to fight, abuse, slam and insult men. The vocal feminists are in denial of the truth, they don’t understand nor practice feminism. Their understanding of feminism is vengeance; they are only feminists once they are hurt by the opposite sex. Male folks feel hurt too.

These women mostly see men as their oppressors against the exact factors oppressing them. They learn from emotionally unhealthy women who teaches them in error.

They are taught to believe men are their problems and barriers to attain greater heights, or they are in competition with men. And when their psyches are completely influenced, they look for men to blame, pour venoms and heap their angers on.

They degenerate tradition and fight cultures, not fully informed on what traditions and cultures the countries they copy practices.

No gender is stopping any gender from attaining heights, religions created more boundaries, set differences and defined authority which you accepted. Are these not the same women bowing at the feet of those they call Papa and Daddy in the Lord, humbly do their biddings but tigress feminists in their matrimonial homes?

Before the advent of CHRISTIANITY as brought by the Europeans, and ISLAM by the Asians, African women were warriors, goddesses, Priestesses and Queens who led wars in several fronts.

These set of women ruled their societies and were respected. They were powerful too (As can be likened to the Powers or the current UMU-ADA in our various kindreds and communities), they never handed over their powers, thrones and priesthoods to men, and didn’t allow men decide everything until CHRISTIANITY and ISLAM birthed in and relegated women to the background.

Was it not in the bible and Koran you read women should be unhesitatingly submissive to their men? That women should obey their husbands without questioning? That women shouldn’t preach in the churches or congregation of men? That women should cover their heads in the church while Muslim women cover up regularly, and all those other instructions you obey without complain? I am yet to read all these in any constitution or rule books order than religious books.

The same Europeans who made you look so inferior by introducing and enforcing that way of life to you, are the same people who turned around to ask you to fight for your right. Which right and why should you fight when no one is wagging war against you?

There is no cultural or social marginalisation against women in Africa by men. Men are not your problems. We all have got our places of honour, admiration and adoration.

Our forefathers called their women names like: Enyidiya (Her husband’s Friend), Odoziaku (The keeper of wealth), Obiaraeriaku (The devourer of wealth 😆), Omasiridiya (her husband’s desire) etc. They had places of honour, admiration and adoration.

As much as our forefathers didn’t go to school, their wives didn’t also attend. Education came with the Europeans and Christianity, so who were marginalising girl-Children under colonial leadership?

The same Europeans who took our girl-children, our mothers and sold them into slavery as sex toys?? They now want you to accuse your men of cruelty?

Women should channel this agitation against those religions and westerners that told them they are either inferior or not good enough. Our men never subjected them to that.

All over the world, Men live with emotional marginalisation, psychological blackmail and social stigmatisation and we still take it without complains.

Men find themselves in a world where male-children are shouted down on to stop crying because they are MEN and not because they are humans. Even when we are heartbroken and emotionally weak, we only bleed inside.

We found ourselves here and was taught how it is our responsibility to fend for our families and our women are but HELP MEET, we didn’t argue that.

We live in a world where girl-children are shielded and protected from predators and paedophiles, but not the male-children, yet, hundreds of male-children are regularly raped, sexually harassed and abused, but it is not a big deal as they are MEN.

We live in a world where women can assault men in the streets and people will either look in admiration or disappointment, call him weak man, stupid man, and some may even lend a hand to assist the woman. Who do we complain to without being labelled weakly?

But on the other hand, if a fellow man assaults a woman in the streets, you see men join forces to uproot his teeth and shift his jaw with heavy punches.

Ironically, the same women who call themselves feminists and will firmly abuse you for innocently being a man, same women who want equality of all sexes have a particular standard by which they measure the equality selfishly.

They will turn around and remind you how “you are a man” when something they feel they can’t do or too lazy to handle comes up. They forget equality of all sexes to tell you how you are a man and should change the car’s tyre.

Tell you how you are a man and should lift the 40 litres can of water.

They shy away from being truck drivers, excavator drivers, taxi drivers, conductors, bricklayers, Agbero, mechanics etc. because they are nervous, afraid, or not confident for those; yet, they are feminists, they want it the easiest way inside the equality. It is all about them and not the equality of all sexes.

In Africa, all these noises here and there about feminism are built on selfish quest and shouldn’t appeal any meaningful argument.

There’s always a culture or pattern of life unique and peculiar to every society in the world. The constitution of Nigeria protected and provided more to the girl-children than male-children. We only have women playing the card of emotional oppression. The society is more sympathetic and defensive of women than the male.

What exactly is this advocacy for? Misplaced priority still channeled wrongly and some in bitterness.

Deal with that religious law in Northern part of Nigeria that subjects girl-children to underage marriage, face the religion that made you know how unworthy you are to preach at the altars.

Leave men out of it. You ain’t got anything on us. You can be President, Governor, CEO, Community Leader according to the peculiarity of your society.

We treat our mothers, sisters, women and girl children right”.

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