December 3, 2020

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Some people are born gay By Kwin Cleopatra

Some people are born gay By Kwin Cleopatra

I have a cousin who acts feminine. He’s 8 years old or thereabout. Right from birth, he has never acted masculine. He talks and expresses himself like a girl – loves doing the societally opposed gender role for female, in fact, he does the things an 8 years old girl would do.

At some point years back, I discussed it with my mom claiming it could be spiritual – from umunna and proferred solutions like; he shouldn’t be enrolled into boarding house because his hostel would be only “males” and that, that was toxic for him. That it’d turn him gay. I insinuated they always put him in the midst of girls.

I was ignorant!

I never knew he was “born” gay and that I was only trying to thwart/oppose  his biology.

I’m a naturally curious being. I was born with a curiosity gene (if there is anything like that).

My curiosity got me asking questions; why really is he like that? Is it spiritual? Because his mother was an overly religious woman who wine and dine with the bible, I asked; what if it’s not spiritual? But, I knew clearly it had nothing to do with environment or sexual orientation.

I concluded it wasn’t spiritual after I considered he has two other male siblings who act masculine.

I began to research.

I realized that being gay or straight is a biologically fixed trait. It revealed that; in gay people, key structures of the brain governing emotion, mood, anxiety, and aggression resemble those in straight people of opp. Sex. Straight men have assymetric brains (hypothalamus, amygdala, etc.), with the right hemisphere slightly larger and gay women also have this assymetry. Gay men, meanwhile, have assymetric brain like those of straight women.

The above paragraph mean that; a gay man is attracted to men just as a straight woman because of their similar brain structure. Likewise, a gay woman is attracted to women just like straight men are attracted to women also because of similar brain structure.

The defect in gay brain structure is as a result of exposure tosex hormones in the womb during a critical period in brain development. This future affects sex orientation.

The brain was influencing sexual preference even before birth.

The brain can change even after reaching adulthood but, the regions that change either because of training, knowledge or experiences are not the parts associated with sexual preferences. Tho women experience changes in their hypothalamus throughout the menstrual cycle (the mood swing thing, anxiety, not in the mood thing, etc. during periods).

Hormone levels have no effect on sexual preference AFTERWARDS; gay men and straight men have same hormone levels, gay women and straight women also have same hormone levels.

Culture and religion doctrine try to shrink gayism but that doesn’t take away who gays really are. Even when forced into marriage with opposite sex, they still are not happy no matter how much they try to be or not act on their desire for same sex.

Ask yourself, who patronize Bobrisky? Despite all the evidences on him, he still make noise around – of course your top, billionaire politicians and billionaire business men enjoy their secret company with him and would go lengthy to protect him. They made him the cash he has today.

You can shrink a gay not to act on their desire but that doesn’t take away who they’re.

I used to be like everyone else, I hated Bob and his like (esp. Male gays) but, I’m someone very open to facts and have come to accept what is.

Although some people choose to be gay, some are born with it. The ones who choose to be gay enjoy sex from both gender (male, female…)  but, the ones born with it don’t really.

Scientists have tried curing it in the past with lobotomies when it was believed to be a disease. They hope to one day, be able to adjust sexual preference via surgery -focusing on the particular regions of the brain associated with sexual preference – or via neural implants.


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