June 17, 2021

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#Weddingday: Don’t prove anything to anybody on your wedding day by Ajah Excel

#Weddingday: Don’t prove anything to anybody on your wedding day by Ajah Excel

People’s ideology of a wedding day is different and quite low from that of marriage itself.

A Nigerian writer Ajah Excel took to his Facebook account to teach those willing to learn that marriage is quite bigger compared to the Wedding day.
In his own words: “Imagine…
You hire a hall for one day programme with the same amount that can pay your rent for a whole year.
You decorate the hall with the money that can decorate your home.

You feed 700 people with the food that can feed you and your new wife for one year while waiting for your baby to join you.
You hire exotic car to carry you and your wife for the few hours of the wedding after which you continue trekking or driving your cheaper car.

You buy the best of wines to share to everyone who attend your wedding but you will never buy wine for yourself and your spouse for the next one year.
You buy your wife an expensive wedding gown and an exotic reception gown that may not be won again after the wedding but will find it difficult to get her a clothe of 20k in the future.

You buy your mother the best cloth and get make up artist to cover the wrinkles of her sufferings to look presentable but you hardly send her money for up keep and medicals.
You pay a wedding planner heavily for a few hours event but will hardly have time to plan the marriage itself properly.

Dear Brother and Sister, if you have all the money, go ahead and spend it.
Otherwise, never be under pressure because you want to prove yourself to the public who don’t care.
You owe no one any explanation of how you want to run your life”.

Wedding day is not the ultimate in marriage…
He that has ear, let him hear…

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