December 5, 2020

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#Entrepreneurship: Requirements for a smoothie business

Entrepreneurship: Requirements for a smoothie business

If you desire to set up a physical Smoothie store, gather here馃憞馃憞馃憞馃憞

This write up is for you.

Rather than saving up a lot of money to rent either a shop or a space a month after you decided you want to build a smoothie business, it is in your best interest you allow that capital breathe in your account, start pitching sales from your home while you learn the nitty-gritty of Smoothie business.

Setting up a physical Smoothie stand requires putting a lot of things into consideration.
It’s not enough to say you know how to make a thousand and one Smoothie hence your qualification to set up a physical stand; if you do this without proper research, you might go bankrupt after a while.

Of course, that wouldn’t be without incurring massive debts from all corners as a result of poor sales.

While looking out for a stand, answer the following questions:

鈽戯笍Who are your target buyers:

Your Target buyers are the exact people you’re pitching sales too.
One mistake people do is assuming their product is for everyone, that’s not true.

There’s a reason you won’t see a Victoria secret lingerie in Aswani market.

Define those you want to sell to.

Are you producing for the Elites,gym addicts, children, family, health lovers, general market, clubhouse, beach lovers or full time house wives.
Whatever your answer is would go a long way to determine the next point.

鈽戯笍 Environmental factor: where can you find your target market.
You can kick off your business anywhere but as you grow, it is Paramount you relocate to the environment that would promote your dream.
If staying in a particular vicinity would not “epp” your life, relocate.

鈽戯笍Branding style: There are clients that would never consume a poorly packaged item no matter how nice the content is while there are others who care less.

鉁达笍 Quality
鉁筹笍Sales pattern
鉁筹笍 Content Information should be put into due consideration if you want to pitch too high paying clients.
Don’t give in to the thought of trying to sell cheaply in order to attract more customers, “CHEAP” in itself scares high paying clients off, they tend to assume cheap items are inferior.

鈽戯笍 What’s your personality:

I once had a stand in a hotel. Sales was good but at a point, I had to place someone there not necessarily because it was a hotel, far from that.
I discovered that the noise, busyness and late night sales wasn’t making me happy.
At the beginning, you might think you can stay anywhere as long as money is being made but as you progress, you’d discover that happiness is a factor that stirs your daily move.

If you can’t condone noise, club house, busy bars and hotels are not for you at all.
Instead look out for a spot in

鉁筹笍An estate
鉁达笍A gym house
鉁筹笍A mall
鉁达笍A supermarket
鉁筹笍A recreational center
鉁达笍A cinema house
鉁筹笍A beach
鉁达笍Online strictly

鈽戯笍Your Level of responsibility: I’ve seen families disintegrate as a result of a spouse giving too much focus to business than family.
If you have a family or plan to build one that won’t be threatened by your job location, work from home.


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