January 21, 2021

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Hushpuppi’s Lawyer, Pissetzsky Says FBI ‘kidnapped’ The Nigerian Socialite from Dubai


The Chicago criminal defence lawyer’s argument that Hushpuppi was paid by designer brands for promotion has set the stage for what promises to be a long trial in American courts.

Hushpuppi’s legal counsel, Gal Pissetsky believes the Federal Bureau of Investigations, FBI acted illegally by extraditing his client to the United States.

He surprisingly called it a ‘Kidnap’ act.

“In my opinion, the FBI and the government here acted illegally when they kidnapped him from Dubai without any legal process to do so,” Mr Pissetzky told the BBC.

“There was no extradition, there were no legal steps taken, there were no court documents filed, it was simply a call to the FBI. He is not a citizen of the United States, the US had absolutely no authority to take him,” the lawyer said.

But the Dubai police said in a Facebook post that the FBI director had thanked them for extraditing the two men.

“You’ll have to ask them about why they called it an extradition,” the US Department of Justice (DoJ) spokesman responded in an email.

In a statement about Mr Abbas’ initial court appearance , the DoJ said “FBI special agents earlier this week obtained custody of Abbas and brought him to the United States” without giving any further details.

Mr Pissetzky further posited ;

“If Dubai wanted to expel him, they should have expelled him back to Nigeria. I’ve never heard of anything like that. That is the real story here.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) accused Mr Abbas, 37, of conspiring to launder hundreds of millions of dollars from internet related fraudulent activities known as Business Email Compromise (BEC) and other scams.

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