June 17, 2021

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Who is Chantel to compare herself to Dr. Sandra? By Sandy Eberechi

Who is Chantel to compare herself to Dr. Sandra? By Sandy Eberechi

Sandy Eberechi made this post on her Facebook handle, from all indications, she is bothered that the fight between the two women has gone beyond them, for the Chantel to involve the innocent children of Dr. Sandra, who knows nothing about the fight. In her words, she said:

“Who is this destitute comparing her self to Dr Sandra .C. Duru the Amazon of our time. The award winning nominee of the year.

How can someone with an expired visiting visa perpetrating fraud in America soil Owned this kind of companies and factories with satisfied documents in the same America?

The CEO of Mgbeke village Agadi,
The CEO Tuff,
The CEO Excellence Cables,
The CEO Paao,
The CEO Sanchhy,
The CEO Mgbeke LLC,
The CEO Saint Organics. Just to mention but few.
How dare you Chantel Adanna Chinyere, an impoverished, dirty dog open that your gutter called mouth to say rubbish about Dr. Sandra, A double PHD academics and three HONORARY doctorate degree holder. And presently an Associate Professor and a Prof in view.
Chantel Adanna Chinyere apart from the Bsc which you got from give and take from your lecturers, what other degrees have you added to your name? Absolutely nothing..
Apart from sexualogy, criminology, funicatornoclogy and abortionology. What other hand works have you added to your life?

How can Adanna Chinyere a woman of about 45yrs who had slept with over 316 men still counting and with over 17 abortion still not married come out to insult a legitimate, married,proven,professional career woman. A woman who had carried three pregnancies and by Gods grace delivered them (male & female) without Complications.
How dare you Chantel Adanna Chinyere.
You’re a complete disgrace to womanhood and your generation by involving the innocent children in your petty post. You have really crossed the line and I shall face you squarely.

Chantel I have taken time to gather your resumes. My dear you’re very very very dirty.
Anymore nonsense from you I will expose the level of your lowlifeless”.

Do you think it’s time for the women to put an end to their misunderstanding? What can be done to remedy the situation between them? Drop your comments here…

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