December 1, 2020

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I Was Never Impeached by Stanley Smith Nwama

I Was Never Impeached by Stanley Smith Nwama.

Earlier last week rumors, posts, and publications were being speculated that the Speaker of Imo State Youth Parliament Rt Hon Stanley Smith Nwama, was impeached.

When speaking to the CEO of Quingist Entertainment Empire the Honorable assured us that no such thing happened and he is still The Speaker of the above mentioned Parliament.

In his word “For posterity sake and to set the record straight, I Rt Hon Stanley Smith Nwama,
Speaker Imo State Youth Parliament, was never impeached by the members of Imo State Youth Parliament and have done nothing wrong to warrant impeachment.

I never wanted to react on the news going round Media about some purported and fabricated false information melted against my person and the Image of Imo State Youth Parliament, which kept me wondering how some people could be so mean and wicked to report what never happened.

I don’t know when impeaching someone is now done on social media and being sponsored in so many local tabloids just to dent my image and bring me to public ridicule.

My pain about the whole thing is nothing of such ever happened, their was never a time that a notice of impeachment was served, any motion moved talk more of being impeached.

What kept me worried is how can someone think of what never happened, how can two persons impeach a Speaker on social Media.

Thou I know that their is no law that bounds fake news but this singular act is evil.

How can someone list reasons on how I was impeached when their was no impeachment, I must sincerely thank all the members of the parliament who stood up to condemn such evil.

We can not grow like this, Youths must learn how to grow themselves and not how to ridicule themselves.

I served and repositioned Imo State Youth Parliament, I was never caught in a act of embezzlement or anything criminal.

Tarnishing my image before the public and labelling me what never existed is devilish.

I want to use this medium to tell all Imo Youths that all levelled against me never existed.

I remains the Speaker of Imo State Youth Parliament, was never impeached and did nothing to warrant impeachment.

I’m not bigger than the parliament but I believe that if I have not served well my members will revolt against me not few individuals that are hell bent to tarnish my image.

The Ministry of Youths just constituted a committee to reconstitute the next republic of Imo State Youth Parliament until when that is carried out I still remain the Speaker of Imo State Youth Parliament.

How can one be spreading rumors of Impeachment, calling my amiable Deputy Speaker their acting Speaker and their acclaimed acting Speaker is telling the world that he is not. What a lie?

The video of the last sitting of Imo State Youth Parliament which I presided will be on air Soon for public view.

I see no reason people could be so wicked to promote and sponsor fake news.

Thanks and God bless you all”

We hope that everything will be sorted out soonest.

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