December 2, 2020

Quingist Empire

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Imo Entertainment Academy Complex has been Recovered by Hon. Agogbuo

Imo Entertainment Academy Complex has been Recovered by Hon. Agogbuo.

The structure tagged IEA which was built by the past government and was taken over by other cooperations has been recovered by the SSA on Entertainment. The Image of the Entertainment Industry has once again been redeemed by Mr. Entertainment himself.

Hon. Chinonye has vowed to set everything that has to do with Entertainment right, on track and working, to prove himself he went ahead to recover the complex for the Entertainment Industry and many others.

On resumption of office, the hardworking SSA weighed into the matter and has succeeded in regaining parts of the complex in the spirit of the #SharedProsperity Government.

To all Entertainment Practitioners in Imo State and in Diaspora, your complex is back and his office is located right there, always feel free to come and visit.

For direction to the office of the SSA on Entertainment is at New Owerri, Opposite ISOPADEC Complex.


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