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11 Things You Should Know About Miss Adaku Quingist (@Datmediagal)

11 Things You Should Know About Miss Adaku Quingist (@Datmediagal).

Day 1.

Adaku Quingist without a doubt is one of the best people to talk to. I am very good at making conversations, I can be very particular about some materialistic things in life, like Money but I am always good to people around them. I do my best to accommodate people and I retaliate when I’m pushed to the wall.

Even if you hear a ‘no’ from me, it will be in the politest way. I am conscious not to hurt people. I can make a very good lawyer and a great teacher because of my straightforward approach. I stay close to the truth and I always keep it real.

I am not made of fantasies and fiction.
I believe in ground reality and I accept situations very easily which is why I act so cool in difficult situations. I never had to struggle between the right and wrong because I always have a strong perception of what is right.

I take quick action regarding everything and speak harsh truth.
I get frustrated by incompetence and stupidity.

I don’t have time for anybody’s bullshit, In fact, I can smell bullshit from a mile away.

If I don’t vibrate on the same frequency with whoever I am with, then there’s just no reason for me to waste your time.

Day 2.

I am highly anxious and I worry a lot.

Adaku is in a habit of overthinking things. I am no different from everyone else when it comes to overthinking. This is the reason why I am in a hyper worrying state if a problem arises and it is very difficult for me to settle my brain down.

I take a lot of time to get used to a problem in order to resolve it. I will not take a step or decision without OVER thinking about it first. A million possibilities and ‘what ifs’ will go through my heads.

I rarely get into trouble, because of my careful decisions always lead to the right ones.

Day 3.

I love Food and I am a highly adventurous eater with a big appetite.

When I travel, I don’t get affected by the hardship of looking for my native foods because I will be too busy trying out the local cuisine. Serve me hot and fresh from the flames, this is one of the reasons I love traveling.

Trying new cuisines is one of my passions and I never complain. If you really want to win your way into my heart, make sure to include food in your dates.

I also easily get bored.
Despite being grateful for what I have, unfortunately, I get bored easily, I am highly adventurous and energetic, which makes me bored easily. This is because I have a zest for life and want to be out living, doing, and experiencing it to the fullest.

A side effect of getting bored easily is my intense love of travel and writing. Travelling and writing offer a world of new experiences for me, not the least of which is the chance to try new types of food! I always find new ways to keep myself dying from boredom. Since I find happiness in the smallest of things, even playing in the rain is fun for me!

I prefer to spend more time outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Day 4.

I love books.
Since I can’t afford to travel all the time, the next best thing is to explore new worlds and cultures through reading.

I am a true reader and the definition of a bookworm. This is one habit that others can find irritating but reading is something that defines me because I have a hunger for knowledge.

No matter where I go or what I do, I always have a book in hand or on my phone. I don’t limit myself to fictional worlds either – I read fiction and nonfiction with equal devotion. I am also fascinated by the human mind, so don’t get paranoid if you find me reading psychology textbooks.

My interest in books helps me to understand people better! And it helps me to perform better, anticipate my first book soon.

Day 5.
I am very Affectionate and selfless

Not only are my loving, but I am also caring and selfless. People sense this selfless nature of mine and they are immediately drawn to me, my presence seems like a breath of fresh air in a world full of selfish people who only care about their own interests.

I am very careful about who I show this gentle side to, I prefer to reserve it for those that I love and trust.

Due to how people treat others as a piece of paper, I have reserved my selfless side to those that deserve to see that side. And it has created a huge wall between who you think I am and who I actually am.

In recent times, I have found out that people will never value me if I looked pitiable, I had to be strong enough to be able to turn a deaf ear to what they have to say because there is nothing I do that can ever be enough…

I do me,
I don’t let anyone use my selfless side against me,
I grew a thick skin.

Day 6.

I am easily misunderstood.

My finicky nature does not allow me to get close to anyone easily and hence, people think very differently about me.

I look tough outside while I have a sensitive soul within, that is really working towards the interest of the others. I just want to ensure everyone is happy but always finds it difficult to communicate this idea.

I say one thing and you understand another, makes it harder for me. Maybe wrong choice of words or maybe wrong approach but am a unique person and I hate none.

I wish we can all cohabitate easily and not fight, no man is an island (birimambiri)

When next you misunderstood me please, ask me what I meant.

Day 7.

I am hard-working and smart.
I am a born goal-getter and the word “quit” is NOT in my vocabulary.
I like to see things through to the end and make sure everything is done right.

You’ll never meet a lady more focused or determined like me.
I am known to put my heart and soul into my work and live upto all my responsibilities.
I am career focused and I will always put in my hundred percent in my education and professional life.

I always long to live upto everybody’s expectations and excel in life. I wish to achieve more in my youth and enjoy later.

Day 8.

Adaku Quingist is so sensitive and emotional. I am courageous and I have a beautiful soul.
I am looking for true love and I am willing to do anything for my partner and my family.
I am is incredibly loyal.

People might think that I am actually quite innocent but the chances of you being wrong are pretty high! It’s better not to jump into any kind of conclusion when it involves me.

I’m quite capable of many things, good and bad.

There are so many things about me that you need to know.
I have flaws and am not hiding them.
I am quite modest and there are no doubts about it.

There is no way that I would strike you as someone who jokes around all the time ridiculously.
I am the type of woman that never expresses what I am going through especially in times of facing failures, you never see me showing anything that can hint the feeling I have inside.

I am a bag of hidden secrets.
Even as a blogger, if I want to watch your back, you have me 100%…

Day 9.

You can call me smart

I am born with a clever mind and I pay keen attention to details that allow me to find solutions to problems that others simply miss.

I can say that I am more intelligent than I look. When holding a normal conversation with me, I must talk and am a critical thinker, so you can be sure to get brilliant ideas from me without me realizing it.

I always see things from a wide perspective. I always try to break down seemingly impossible problems into small and workable parts and then come up with a solution that can actually work.

I always have second thoughts about everything, because I always weigh in the pros and cons before I make a decision.

Even if I fall in love with you, I will definitely evaluate the future of our relationship before making it official. If I am asking too many questions, don’t be annoyed; it’s probably for the best.

I am not imprudent and irrational, I have an amazing ability to understand people, and I always trust my instinct while making important decisions.
This is not because I am monotonous, but I am being just extra daytious.

Day 10.
I am very Stubborn and I have a detective mind.

I have very good analytical and logical skills and that helps me to investigate any matter.
I also have a built-in bullshit detector, so you better be coming at me with the real thing.

I don’t waste time on pointless drama and that mindset especially applies to relationships. I have inherited a powerful investigative mind that could lead you to science, chemicals, research, radio, television, newspaper reporting, computer programming, and the law.

People can be stubborn and picky or the other way around but none can compare to me, I am that type that will forget my height and age when being stubborn, it takes someone close to me to relate…

I will never settle for anything without checking it first thoroughly and am bent on getting what I want if not no peace. If I refuse to change my opinion about something or to change my mind about a decision that I have made.

Then take it because it will be for the best.
I always adhere to my own ideas and opinions. My No, I won’t, and you can’t make me is final…

Day 11.
I am always grateful for everything.

Quingist Adaku is an appreciative person, I appreciate everything in life, even the smallest of things. It doesn’t matter to me if that’s a great thing or even just a compliment! I will be very thankful for everything and truly grateful. I also don’t take anything for granted and appreciate anything or anyone that walks into my life.

I cherish every moment as a gift from God and I appreciate even the smallest compliment. What this means for you is that it will be easy to keep me happy.

I am grateful to have you all in my life and I don’t require extravagant gifts to love you.

To my brother boo, As a side benefit to you for been mine, you will never feel unappreciated as far as you are with me…

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