January 21, 2021

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Dr. Uzoma Anwuka gets high during his mum’s burial

Dr. Uzoma Anwuka gets high during his mum’s burial.

The burial of Honourable Justice Mrs. Christiana Ukachi Anwuka, wife of Prof. Anthony Gozie Anwuka and mother to Dr. Uzoma Anwuka, inlaw to the past Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okorocha today during the burial of his mother created a huge scene

The burial which was attended by dignitaries like
Bishop Obinna,
Bishop Ukwuoma,
Sen. Rochas Okorocha (Former Governor),
Prof. Placid Njoku (Deputy Governor),
Barr. Nnamdi Anyaehi (Chief of Staff),
Barr. Sydney Agbor (Deputy Chief of Staff),
Hon. Onyebuchi Chidi Godswill (SA skill acquisition) and many more.

Witness a show of shame as the doctor suddenly started acting like someone high on hard drugs, when he was asked to appreciate the people that came from far and near to pay their last respect to an honorable woman, one of the best Judge Imo has produced.

The ending part of the burial became a show of shame rather than what it was meant to be.

Despite all efforts by Bishop Obinna, Rochas, and many others to calm him down was to no avail, at the end of the day, Bishop Obinna ended up praying for him to get better, in his word “It is well with you my son”.

All thanks go to the Deputy Governor of Imo State, Prof. Placid who handled the microphone and calmed the arena…

2 thoughts on “Dr. Uzoma Anwuka gets high during his mum’s burial

  1. Its appauling how you go about writing unverified and false news in the name of content. You write this disgusting piece as though you were present at the scene. You claim to be a blogger, promoter, content creator but failed to state the qualities required to provide unbiased and true content. this piece like many other false piece you may have written is evident that you lack credibility! I understand that in this day and time for desperation to be relevant anything and everything sells. Nonetheless, you failed yourself and the bunch of bigots you write for/to by not getting the facts of Uzo’s outburst and defaming him. If your true intention was that of unbiased and true depictions, you should have reached out to him or his team to either confirm or deny what ever information that reached you as expected of any sensible and credible journalist. Doesn’t the basics of journalism/blogging teach you to be a fair umpire? How callous and insensitive of you to embark on a smear campaign with a human and his family that is grieving the loss of his mother!! The honourable thing to do is to take down this post, do uour findings and apologise accordingly.

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