June 17, 2021

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Of the greatest Nigeria youth,

I wish to on behalf of our principal, Sir Frank Ibezim and the entire gamut of his campaign council, heartily salute your exceptional gallantry at midwifing and prosecuting in a most eloquent manner, an expression of your genuine desire to resiliently trigger Nigeria’s first ever reformative paradigm shift using the ENDSARS protests.

It is our firm believe that this ingeniously conceived movement, tactfully designed to be peaceful, largely achieved undeniable national resonance towards its fundamental objectives notwithstanding the condemnable last minute external invasion that led to the death of innocent protesters and other monumental wastages ushered in by brigands,hoodlums, marauders and vandals within us.

While we pray for the repose of the souls of these faithful brothers and sisters who died fighting for our general good, and consolation for the bereaved families with others hugely affected by various forms of savage, we are very conscious of the fact that true consolation can only come their ways when we painstakingly pursue for accomplishment the ideals of their painful loss.

A clinical dissection of the ENDSARS protests will reveal the burning desire to comprehensively overhaul the institutions of democratic governance and enthrone a sane Nigeria where affordable healthcare,gainful employment, equality in citizenship, regular power supply, robust economy, rule of law, standard skills impacting education system, security of life and property and universal wellbeing are assured.

Sir Frank Ibezim, who himself is a youth of extreme simplicity, productive humility, progressive synergy and proven integrity,has pro actively tailored his people centered and evidence based manifesto for the youth,women and people of Imo North Senatorial District to reflect the above principles.

Practical strategic mechanisms for the realization of these and particularly an agriculture driven industrial revolution with the youth in focus, have been initiated by Frank Ibezim, they are :

  1. A rice bed sitting on over 200 hectares of land at Onicha Uboma in Ihitte Uboma LGA designed for our youth involvements and to qualify them for guaranteed Central Bank Agricultural loans.

2.A solar power plant of commendable megawatts that will illuminate the rice bed environment and surrounding communities is being put place for allied small/ medium scale industries too.

3.A database of graduate youth for training and employment into the Nigeria Open University at Ehime Mbano LGA where work is going on day and night for takeoff next year (the university is coming with the best incubation center in the southeast) by God’s amazing grace.

4 A technical survey for the capturing of our rural communities by the Rural Electrification Agency of Nigeria was carried out by the Engr Mathew Adeleye led team of engineers for inclusion into the ongoing 2021 appropriation budget( those that may not be lucky now must be included subsequently).

5.Skills acquisition trainings in the six LGAs of the zone.

We are happy that among the fallouts and gains of the ENDSARS protests by the Nigerian youth is the compulsory show of verifiable evidence of practical realities and technical readiness of any prospective representative of our people, it’s no longer going to be rhetorics as usual.

We are ready to conduct the youth of Okigwe zone to these mentioned facilities before the senatorial election in demonstration of Sir Frank Ibezim’s upfront responsiveness to the individual yearnings and cumulative aspirations of the youth which our votes will only consolidate.

As we implore our youth to earnestly consider herself victorious in the current struggle, the golden opportunities which government at all levels offers you, in line with your significant demands should be effectively maximized through a roundtable memorandum of understanding.

As a youth who will be entering the Senate Chamber with the freshness of these ENDSARS protests, Sir Frank Ibezim has promised to maximize the synergy of his relationship with his fellow senators of the ruling APC, the presidency and government of Imo state, to legislatively ensure that these greatly justified expectations of the youth and our people in general which precipitated the ENDSARS protests are not downplayed at all.

Again, we most sincerely empathize with the families of the bereaved and all those who have suffered different layers of loss.

Long live the great youth of Okigwe zone! Long live the greater youth of Imo state !!

Long live the greatest youth of Nigeria !!! We all are very proud of you .

Hon.Irouno Chukwunonye, Director, Media & Publicity.

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