May 18, 2021

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Behold Imo Most Fashionable Entertainers

Behold Imo Most Fashionable Entertainers

We Ill know the popular saying that how you dress is how you will be addressed, Imo state Entertainment Industey has produced men and woman that can be used for good and positive examples. In no particular order Behold Imo Most Fashionable Entertainers

These entertainers who are comedians, event hosts, OAPs, constantly left their fans thrilling at their quality of their attires, colour combination, dress sense and the message their clothing send across and the attention given to details in their fashion.

Prince White, Mc Tboy Samuel, Okpara Jude Jaycee, Bossmandagodmc, Chukwukere Chibueze, and many others are the names that come to mind when fashionable emcees are mentioned in Imo State. In fact, models in the state appear to having been learning some lessons from the aforementioned young men in fashion.

1. For Prince White, who is now known as Billionaire PrinceWhite, his style is unique, gorgeous and exquisite. He reflects royalty, glamour and wealth in his appearance. Though he has left Owerri to join the Billionaires at the upper echelon in Banana Island, stories of fashion among Imo entertainers won’t be complete without a mention of Prince White.

2. Mc Tboy, the Ayamma crooner stands tall in fashion. He keeps it neat, simple and reflecting the event he anchors. His penchant for quality foot wares adds glamour to his outfit. Recently, his pink Agbada outfit made the headlines in Imo’s blogosphere. T-boy who is an event host, OAP and comedian has been accused of dressing more than the celebrants of most events he anchored.

3. Bossmandagodmc, a proud Mbaise man is classy, attractive and adorable on his outfits. His native wares, will make it to any fashion catalogue in the world. For all kinds of Senator visit his social media handles for all designs. Simply put, Mc Bossman is in the league of his own in the fashion world in Owerri.

4. Another that is in this group that will shock you with his dress sense is one and only Chukwukere Chibuze AKA MC De Priest, he is a pro in suit and Jackets. While it is believed that cooperate attire make one look, his cooperate attire look great and cool In him that ladies forgot that he is married.

5. Okpara Jaycee. Everything seem to look good on him, yet he spends enough time picking the best for himself. A radio Prince and event host, Jaycee’s has no specialization. He gives life to Cooperate, casual and traditional wares. The number of Likes and comments that accompany Jaycee’s pictures on Facebook is a clear indication of people’s overwhelming appreciation of his fashion. Jaycee is everything one looks out for in a fashionista.

It is wise to note that, this is not a competition rather a means of us encouraging good things especially in our own Imo Entertainment industry


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