December 4, 2020

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#Anambra: Bishop stripped naked after been caught with charms

#Anambra: Bishop stripped naked after been caught with charms.

The self-acclaimed Bishop Elijah Chukwuebuka of God Of Light Anointing Ministry was stripped and paraded by villagers in Umunze, Anambra, after he was caught with what appears to be fetish items. He was nabbed with charms and female underwear in his church in Nsogwu, Umunze, at around 5 pm on Wednesday, November 11 by angry youths of the village who felt that their destiny might have been affected by his devilish means of living.

The Youths of Umunze stormed the church intending to burn the pastor popularly known as Big Daddy but he was rescued and taken to their Igwe’s palace.

Now am thinking aloud, when will all this stop?
When will people stop deceiving others just for money’s sake?
The position of a man of God should be honored, not what every dick, tom and harry should mess up…

Who do we run to?

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