January 18, 2021

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Imo State, the home that frustrate artistes by Ugo Stevenson (Nda Chineke)

Imo State, the home that frustrate artistes by Ugo Stevenson (Nda Chineke).

In 1998,the Imo State military administrator Col.T.K Zubairu invited me to his office.It was after one of the regular government house gala night programs where i had performed in company of the Imo State Council for Arts and Culture Omenimo troupe.
The lifetime meeting with the governor offered me the priveledge of proceeding to the University to complete my academic programs as the governor in his magnanimity offered me “scholarship”.

In appreciation to this gesture from the state government i promised myself to improve the theatre,arts and culture sector in the State with the acquired knowledge.
In pursuit of this lofty responsibility I disengaged from the beaucratic system of the Imo State Council for Arts and Culture as staff to establish the Ogbakoro Theater Company, the vehicle that have truly carried the cross of artistic revolution in Imo State in the past fifteen years as a private sector entrepreneur.

To succeed,i acquanted myself with the forerunners of the industry in the state.In the Theatre/Drama activities,i served the big ambassadors like,Chief Lomaji Ugorji,Obimeshile Okorie,Nsofor Obua,Eunan Chidomere, Chief Nnamdi Olebara,Mama Salome Okeke,Nze Orji Imo,Chukwubiko Okereke and i was previdged to know their challenges in the industry.

The legends of the Imo State music recording and performing sector like,Nze Dan Orji, and members of their defunct Peacocks International Guitar band,Chief Dansatch Opara and the evergreen Oriental Brothers band, Douglas Ederi Chukwueke and his Olariche band group, Rose Nzuruike and her Obiwuruotu group, including the famous pop groups like the Sweet Breeze family led by Uncle Dallas Anyanwu,the founder of the first ever digital recording studio in the state(now a pastor) all had a repeated familiar story.

It’s interesting to note that the birth and success of the earliest music performers from the state as listed was facilitated from abroad…

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