January 25, 2021

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Igbo Governors Must Not Feed Their Fears Of The Northerners With The Blood Of The Easterners by Awurum Darlington


The Earth spins toward the East, and that’s why the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars all rise in the East and make their way westward across the sky. Let us not allow this Sun to rise in the East and Set right before us in the East.

I have never been a fan of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, never been an IPOB fan, neither have I ever loved his communication skills or the venomous approach of the online IPOB militia, but you see this EASTERN SECURITY NETWORK? I am 100% in support of the idea, the creativity, the insignia/ gadgets, it’s uniqueness and most importantly, the determination and dedication of men and women in the Unit-1 and the 2 other reserve units.

You see men and women who are tired of their leaders and want to take their destinies in their hands? That is the creation of bad governance.

Let me also inform us, whether we like Nnamdi Kanu, his approach or not, this particular invention is a great move by him. This has shown that the young man (Kanu) is more innovative and more organised than Nigerian government.

Look into the faces of these men, you will see that burning desire for a better country propelling their decision to sacrifice even their own lives for the next generations.

At this point, it is important we accept the fact that the president of Nigeria cannot save Protect us. The governors of Nigeria cannot protect us. The only people who can protect the people of the East, West, North and South is “us” (the people). Let us wear our thinking caps at this time and be very careful.

Let us not forget that the Eastern Governors will never support this move even though they lack the leadership, the unity, the courage and the sincerity of purpose to organise anything close to this in defence of our people, they will vehemently oppose this because it is not their creation; they will invite the army, they will kill our people for this.

As I write, meetings are ongoing to decimate this people and we must be prepared to face the consequences because these men below doesn’t look like they have come out to back down by any atom of provocation. There is vengeance in their eyes and the best thing the Eastern Region Governors should do is to come to the table with the leadership of IPOB and endorse this for peaceful coexistence.

They put themselves in this position and they can’t escape where they are presently held without spilling innocent bloods and incurring collateral damages. The IPOB now have them where they had wanted to have them and holding them tightly in their scrotum.

Our leaders should understand that they no longer have the support of the people, the masses have lost confidence in them and may rise and revolt against them at the slightest provocation.


The only people who can stop these Governors from carrying out this self Suicide mission and genocide they are planning now is the same People who gave them the mandate they are abusing. Any move from them will backfire.

And If we allow them oppose this move by Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB, we will become more vulnerable to outsiders than we have ever been, because we would have further exposed our weaknesses through this game plan and we must make sure it doesn’t fail while engaging ourselves on irrelevant internal battles.

Lend your voice, stop this genocide about to happen. Use every available medium to lend a voice against any form of resistance or betrayal by the Eastern governors. They don’t have brains, we must guide them.

The EASTERN REGION should be WISE, because at this very point, the only chip to bargain for an Igbo President is IPOB, and all Eastern Region Governors and legislators must embrace this noble feat by Kanu, or they will meet strict resistance.

What is coming is from determined volunteers in quest for good governance/ self determination. They will resist forces and either full blown war or genocide may be the endpoint.

The Nigerian intelligence department are at this moment gathering information on this well organised security establishment, but let us not forget that there is something illegal about their constitution, we must find a way to legalise it lest they tag it militancy, and the Eastern Governor must make that call.

A lot is about to happen, God forbid what I see… BUT I CANNOT HATE KANU FOR THIS.

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