January 25, 2021

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Check out Shekinah Online Radio here and give us feedback

Check out Shekinah Online Radio here and give us feedback.

Have you heard of the word “Shekinah”?

What comes to your mind?

Me, I think of the Almighty, I remember we call him Shekinah and Glory…

Yes, the Almighty Online Radio is here from the stable of SHEKINAH BRAND, owners of the best school in South East,

Behold The Shekinah ONLINE Radio, this radio is Just a Tip of the Iceberg from What the SHEKINAH BRAND is setting up for Imo State, South East, and Beyond.

Hurry now, click the link below to listen to SHEKINAH RADIO
It’s on Test Transmission now.


Don’t forget, you can download the app on your Google Play Store…

Very easy, just type SHEKINAH Radio

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