February 25, 2021

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In Nigeria, Where Churches Are Businesses

In Nigeria, Where Churches Are Businesses.

-Pastors function more like CEOs
-Members are turned into customers
-Other churches are seen as competition
-Evangelism is reduced to marketing
-Church planting looks more like franchising
-Numbers are the primary measure of success
-Prayer and Word study is replaced by programs and formulas
-Preaching sounds more like motivational speaking

  • Praise & Worship is turned into a performance
    -The saints are entertained instead of equipped
    -Disciples of Christ become papa’s sons and fans.
    -A living body becomes a lifeless body
    -A leader’s empire is built instead of the kingdom of God advanced
    -The pastor becomes the super man
    Does any of this sound familiar in this generation?
    If you are under these patterns, you are already in a cult not the Church of Christ. Get out before it is too late.!!

Stay Blessed and Safe!

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