February 27, 2021

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I’ll never take for granted what I have cause at one point I was begging God for it

Many times, I have been begging God for a job, a good phone, a laptop, financial support.

I think so often we take for granted the little things like
Food on the table,
A roof over our head,
Money in the bank.

There was a time all I had was ordinary 2,000 in my bank account. I never want to forget how that felt, as a young lady, i was pushed, i was tempted, it was not easy at all…

I grew up not too poor, though we never went without food, But we had to go without some things and I remember I could only get new shoes about once a year. Growing up in that lower class atmosphere caused me to be excessively aware of my spending.

Kids that grow up in situations like mine have stains of poverty on their skin. I am aware that my situation could have been worse and this is not a cry for sympathy. We had what we needed.

Preventing myself from overspending is something I consider a talent. I know people I went to school with that can’t control themselves to this day when it comes to spending. Any chance they get they buy things not needed. I know a girl that spends her entire salary on shoes and bags. This is not to shame her necessarily but my brain is so wired to worry about the future that I can’t help but feel concerned for her savings account.

There have been studies done that say that lower class families have different mindsets compared to their richer counterparts. No matter how much money they have, they worry about big spending or something happening and losing all their money. Maybe that makes them smarter financially, or maybe it’s why so many people have anxiety.

I know I am blessed to have what I have. I don’t often feel scared of losing all my money now that I have a good job but somewhere in the back of my mind lurks the question of what if? Learning not to dwell on that is definitely one of the most important things I’ve learned.

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