June 17, 2021

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SSA on Students Affairs, Franklyn Oparaji Vs Humphrey Joe: Pay me my money

SSA on Students Affairs, Franklyn Oparaji Vs Humphrey Joe: Pay me my money…

Imo Youths be disgracing themselves all in the name of catching Cruise.

A certain young man identified as Humphrey Joe Chukwudi has taken to his social media to call out the SSA on Students Affairs Hon. Franklyn Oparaji, to pay up his debts.

According to the screenshot allover Facebook, it was an open letter daring the SSA to do his worst or pay up his debt (screenshots below)

According to the youngman, the money was invested into makingngng Franklyn Oparaji the SSA on Students Affair and Hope Uzodimma the Governor of Imo State with promises that he will be paid back or rewarded with a position that can fetch him back his money, and he Is yet to hear or see any actions from the government and the action of the man he invested the money through.

According to him, he has tried others means to recover his money to no avail hence he took to social media, this indeed is a tough decision for him as we can see him apologizing from the screenshots.

Stay glue and enjoy the news as it was written by Comrade Humphrey himself.

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