June 17, 2021

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Samuel T-boy Vs Stanley E-sure
(Imo OAP’s at War)

Samuel T-boy Vs Stanley E-Sure, (Imo OAP’s at War)

From the recent post made by @Quingist Empire, we have discovered that there may be a little bad blood between Mc Tboy Samuel and Stanley E-Sure Akalonu , T-boy is a presenter with Hot 99.5FM Owerri where Stanley recently left…

On the comment session, we can see them bantering with words…

Read chats here…

Mc T-boy: “Una don start again… Every legit business gets its internal issues. Always keep it internal.

Don’t go and put the people that recently left reach into wahala with this convos.  This is a personal conversation.

Shebi una drag hot Fm finish. How far na. Wey those people dey?

Make una leave these companies alone.

I will say this once and always.

If I am being owed by any company. I will come out plain and ask them for my salary. Or go thru my lawyers. It’s your money. You worked for it. You can jeopardize the jobs of others by being anonymous. There nothing like anonymity in this case”


The entertainment industry in Imo State has been known for being a dirty place, but then it’s more evil that we are eager to step on each other to get relevant attentions.

The reason behind their bad blood is not yet out but we strongly believe it has a lot to do with the station that they are and were part of.

We hope to get to the root of this bad blood and see how it can be resolved because these two men are brand owners who have a lot of talent that may come out through them, we don’t want to have the younger generation bearing grudges for what they know nothing about…

Until then, you are invited to Jollof jokes by Mc T-boy and after then get ready for Eceleb Awards by E-sure…

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(Imo OAP’s at War)

  1. Such cantankerous bickering can’t take us ANYWHERE 😔🤨🤯🤷🤷‍♂️🤷‍♀️ I SUE FOR PEACE 🙌🙏 I’m U-ZED RHYMES

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