June 17, 2021

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How To Work With A Professional In Films And Tv Productions by Chibuike Gabriel

How To Work With A Professional In Films And Tv Productions by Chibuike Gabriel

One of Imo based Content Creator and Video editors, Mr. Gabriel Chibuike AKA Mr. Digital, took to his Facebook account to advise people on how to work with professionals when producing films and television content.

In his own words “Do not treat a professional like second-class citizen. Appreciate his value.

Do not give a professional an impression that you are helping him by giving him your job. Don’t forget you need his expertise(experience) before you hired him.

Do not hire a professional whose demand you are not ready to meet. He may leave your job halfway if he senses that you are trying to play game on him or if he knows the final output will cripple his name.

If you need a professional to give you assistance, especially in the area of his charges, humbly approach him and convince him why you truly need his help.

If the professional is not giving you his professional charges, try as much as possible to create room for him to benefit from the project. By so doing, he has gained from his “loss”

Do not dump a professional after he had sacrificially given you his best. The amateur you want to hire for your next project may be his protege. At the end of it, you would have entered one chance (shot yourself in the foot). He may influence your new employee to mess up your work.

Do not employ a professional who is not ready to take responsibility for his team mistakes. Or someone who is too big to apologise until he is totally convinced to say “I’m sorry, my bad.”

Appreciate a professional by saying things like: good job…, this is beautiful…, thank you…, waoooh…, I love this….
Do this before, during and after each project.

Do not micro manage a creative professional”

Keep loving excellence.

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