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#Birthday: The Odunze clan gift their mother a high lander jeep as birthday gift.

Birthday: The Odunze clan gift their mother a high lander jeep as birthday gift.

Our mother is inarguably the best gift God gave to us. Her endurance, love, patience, long suffering and sacrifice towards us makes them very special and a very important part of our success story.

Many people including I want to be successful because of my mom. Mothers make painful decision just to make sure we are okay and have the highest chances of success.

Every child, youth or adult looks for every possible way to appreciate his/her for her labours in their future. People get so many prized, valuable and expensive gifts for their mother as a token of appreciation.

Rev Dr Don Odunze an end time revivalist and global preacher along with his siblings celebrated their mother in a special and fantastic way.

He wrote,

A mother’s Honor.

The Odunze clan, we honored our mother and matriarch, Mummy General, Rev. Mrs. Beatrice Odunze with a Highlander jeep. Thank you for all the seeds sown in tears over the years, we Honor and Love you. May Grace use us and others to decorate your life.

We wish her happy birthday, long life and prosperity. More grace, strength to you ma.

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