October 4, 2023

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About Jamie Pajoel International


Jamie Pajoel International is a Canadian organization that provides competency-based leadership trainings to individuals and organizations across diverse fields of endeavours. We provide knowledge-sharing and global experiences that helps individual develop leadership competencies, improve performance, and drive strategies to promote organizational growth and profitability.

Our international leadership programmes provide a forum for C-Suite executives, directors, business owners, government officials, captains of industries, senior executives, HR professionals, management consultants, entrepreneurs, senior and middle level managers around the world to come together and explore universal leadership and business challenges and solutions, helping them lead their organizations in today’s complex and global marketplace.

Till date, we have successfully delivered international leadership programmes in North America, Europe, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa and we continue to grow each year, building on our success and in-depth knowledge of the needs of our clients. We work with organizations in advance to establish what they need after carefully reviewing their organization’s vision, mission, and core values, and then develop tailored training to meet the required learning objectives. Attending our international leadership programme is a commitment to ensure that you not only learn from the best but, you bring the best in professional education back to your office and continue to grow and enhance your organization.

Our prestigious JPI Annual Leadership Conference, focuses on sustaining organizational leadership, simplifying processes, understanding leadership buy-in, leading with emotional intelligence, identify underlying problems in business and addressing ineffective leadership practices, all of which can give rise to a dysfunctional system if ignored

Each year, JPI Annual Leadership Conference hosts participants from different Countries in a 3-day residential leadership programme which incorporates case studies and practical discussions based on current realities to equip participants with contemporary leadership abilities and strategies that drive sustainable organizational growth. This includes delegates in tech, education, tourism, real estate and construction, health, hospitality, transportation, agro-Processing, media, energy and manufacturing.

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