May 23, 2024

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Quingist Enter10ment Personality Of The Week Is The Man Called De Prince

Quingist Enter10ment Personality Of The Week Is The Man Called De Prince.

NAME: Ukwu Prince Samuel

A.K.A: De Prince

CEO/OCCUPATION: Blogger, CEO of New Media Galaxy Publications

HAILS FROM: Arondizuogu, Ideato North LGA

BIRTHDAY: July 4th


HOBBIES: Reading and Creativity

MENTOR: Rev. Patrick Egbo


INTO: Music, Writing, Teaching, and Pastoring

ACHIEVEMENTS/AWARDS: BA. The Best Outstanding PRO AGDSN 2008 (AP), Meritorious Award Casor Imo Sub Zone, Best Youth President of the year, Best Defender of the team Medal, Akataobi championship award 2015, and many more

QUOTE: Cool Kobo is better than Hot naira, Life is turn by turn

LIKES: Honesty and Decency

DISLIKE: opposite of what I like

ADVICE TO THE UPCOMING: Follow the rules with determination and sincerity, you will achieve your goals. Don’t rush because others are making it


(A BIT ABOUT DE PRINCE): De Prince is a graduate of an Electrical Engineer and a graduate of Religious and Cultural Studies, also has a diploma in Theology.

He has produced many songs and has an album to his credit.

He has written and presented many papers on ICT, Youth, and career, career choice, Youths, and relationships among other topics across Nigeria.

He a preacher of the gospel, a music artist, a public speaker, and a counselor.

He is the publisher of New Media Galaxy, PSC News, producer of Igbo Ọma TV and New Media Galaxy Tv, the CEO of PSC Multi-Media and Skill Consult, where youths are trained on different skills.

He has assured many Youths to realize their God-given goal in life and many who thought they have no more hope have moved on successfully after having an encounter with through teaching, prayers, counseling and sermons.

A husband of one wife and a father indeed.

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