June 13, 2024

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Pre order here: Blazer Q, The Dark Room EP

Pre order here: Blazer Q, The Dark Room EP.

Lets Talk about Blazer Q and the word Consistency!
Have you calmed down to hear this vibrant young man sing? Did you listen to his album titled “Tales with Anna” if you have, then you will agree with me that this young fellow is not here to play, he is dishing out great work that are orth listening to, and please hold me responsible when I say his Lyrics are awesomely powerful and educating, your kids can listen to it and you won’t be worried

Blazer Q’s Dark Room EP is his Latest Work, with this EP he can be tagged the next big thing for the South East or should I say the Next Rated Act… He is not just good but he commands his line well too…

So while you wait for the official date for the EP, you can have fun pre-listening to some of the tracks in the EP…

Pre-Order Here ?

So, when you hear Dark Room what actually comes into your mind? The fear or the fun…

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