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Photos: Dorcas Project Foundation, Leads a helping hand to Widows and Orphans in Imo

Photos: Dorcas Project Foundation Leads a helping hand to Widows and Orphans in Imo…

Dorcas Project Foundation a nongovernmental organization unveiled their Nigeria Imo chapter on the 25th of May 2021.

Following the official unveiling, the team embarked on a movement tagged leading a helping hand to widows and orphans.

During the outreach, Dorcas Project Foundation gave out ‘food items, toiletries and condiments’ to widows in Imo State, Nigeria.

Being part of the team, I can say that the smiles, tears, and joy the women had was priceless.

“The smiles on their faces were so heartwarming, they went as far as praying for the team for remembering them, and we had to praise God for the provision of money and sponsors, the grace to give, and the mind to accept our gifts.

While speaking to the team leader who doubles as the coordinator Mr. David C. Nzenwata, (David Jobs Chukwuoma) He could not hold his happiness, he was and is still filled with joy that the unveiling was a success despite all we encountered that day to reach the women, in his own words,
He said; “Dorcas Project Foundation, is a Non Governmental and Non Profit Organization aimed at improving lives of widows and orphans according to James 1vs 27,

Thanking his team for making out time out of their tight schedules, he said, “I couldn’t have asked for a better team, I am grateful for your supports and Humanity despite the struggle and situation in our State”

He went further to establish that this is the first movement, and more are coming, “This is the first phase, my team and I are eternally grateful to God for giving us this golden opportunity to give back to the society in our own way. We are mostly concerned about widows, and we will do our best to put smile on their faces”

DORCAS PROJECT FOUNDATION is an NGO founded on Christ the rock of humanitarianism, to bring hope to the Widows and Orphans, and to reawaken in them the zeal to live and dream again…

Dorcas project started in Cameroon and is 13 years old… It has been active in Cameroon and has officially started in Nigeria. 


-The hill on which the tree is planted represents Christ  who is the surest foundation and example of Love and humanitarianism

– The tree with green leave and ripped fruit represents DORCAS PROJECT . What the tree is to that woman and the child is what DORCAS PROJECT  is supposed to be to Widows and orphans.

Now that tree represents  the following for the woman and her child:

1). It represents/provides shelter
2). It represents/ provides hope
3). It represent/provide food

As you can see they are free and relaxed to sit under it and eat freely to their fill without anyone  harming them be it verbal or none verbal.

DREAM: Our dream is for Dorcas project to get to a level where whenever  Windows and orphans hear of it their faces instantly lightens up with joy amd laughter…

VISION: The vision of Dorcas Project Foundation is to take the practical message of hope, joy, and love to the Widows and orphans.

If you fully understand and know what is happening in the societies, especial  among we that are from the african descents, you will agree with me that These ones (Widows and orphans) are in serious penury and are most of the times maltreated…

Support Us Today: we crave for your unalloyed support as we embark on this journey to destiny fulfillment. Account No: 0427512521, Account Name: Nzenwata Chukwuoma David, Bank: Guaranteed Trust Bank

Photos Speak…

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