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Meet Concepta, the exceptional Female Manager of Unique Spartan Ventures

Meet Concepta, the exceptional Female Manager of Unique Spartan Ventures.

Miss Chidera Concepta Ewuzie U, the Manager of Unique Spartan Ventures, a Construction Company.

Many people thought women can’t do some things, guess what?

The joke is on you because here I have a dazzlingly beautiful, presentable, hardworking lady who is also the manager of Unique Spartan Ventures.

Miss Chidera Concepta Ewuzie U, is a graduate of History and International Relations at the prestigious Abia state university but today she is into construction and very good at what she does.

Miss Concepta responsibilities as a  Construction Manager include:

* Overseeing and directing construction projects from conception to completion

* Reviewing the project in-depth to schedule deliverables and estimate costs

* Overseeing all onsite and offsite constructions to monitor compliance with building and safety regulations
construction manager job description

* She is responsible for budgeting, organization, implementation and scheduling of projects.

* She Coordinate and direct construction workers and subcontractors
Select tools, materials, and equipment and track inventory

* Meet contractual conditions of performance

* Review the work progress and many others…

Tell me why she shouldn’t be celebrated especially on a day like her birthday?

Dear Miss. Chidera Concepta Ewuzie U. Happy Birthday, you are an encouragement to many ladies out dear…

Unique Spartan Ventures services include Consultation, Planning, Heavy Civil Constructions, Roads, Drainages, Bridges, Maintenance/Renovations, Interior & Exterior Decor, Equipment rentals, Real Estate, borehole drilling etc.

Unique Spartan Ventures also mold vibrated blocks, construct & install gates, window frames, bullet proof doors, burglary proof, etc right on-site where the client monitors quality of work and materials

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