February 21, 2024

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#Insecurity: Nigerian Security Personnel Invaded Izombe, looted, and arresting villagers

#Insecurity: Nigerian Security Personnel Invaded Izombe, looted, and arresting villagers

Security Personnel Raided Amakpurudere Izombe, Arrested Over 15 Aged Mothers, Looting Their Properties, Destroyed House, Properties and Made Away With Valuable Items Like Cash…

The people of Amakpurudere village in Obeabor Autonomous Community of Izombe clan cries out for help, the village was on 18th Nov, 2021 being a Thursday morning invaded by security personnel numbering up to 50 with private cars arresting looting and cutting their economic trees, they arrested age men and women while others took their heels for safety as shots were spread not minding who it will hit…

This will not be the first time such an ugly incident is been reported and the Governor of Imo state is yet to caution the military which he attracted to these communities

We hereby call on the attention of Imo State Government, and all that cares about the lives and properties of these people to investigate the activities of security operatives and come to the rescue of the Izombe people and other areas that have been hijacked by the Supposed Security operatives.

Our lives matter…
Send the military to lands with terrorists, Izombe does not have boko Haram…
Stop harassing our people.

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