June 22, 2024

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#Insecurity: Your unprofessionalism is Alarming – Imo Based Media Influencer David Jobs blows hot

#Insecurity: Your unprofessionalism is Alarming – Imo Based Media Influencer David Jobs blows hot.

David Jobs Chukwuoma, an Imo based media influencer while reacting to the act exhibited by the Nigerian Police Imo State Chapter at the Thanksgiving service of Ugwumba Uche Nwosu’s mother stated in clear terms that the police has lost their value, in his own words

“Dear imo state police command, if the statement being circulated on social media came from your desk, then the insecurity challenges we’ve been facing is not far from your desk too…

David Jobs

You should have been ashamed to release such a lofty, empty and disgraceful press statement to the public; owning up to an act that clearly looks like criminality (of course that’s what it is).

You whisk a man of that caliber in such a manner without any warrant, not having respect or honoring the memory of his late mum (which was the reason why he was where he was when your ‘kids’ came and picked him up), your ‘baby’ police were firing bullets in a premise where we had mushrooming civilians, then you throw him into the trunk of a car as though you had a personal fight with him.

Your unprofessional act is then clear to be off the motive of protecting lives and properties because I don’t see the lives and properties your men were protecting by whisking Uche nwosu away while firing bullets amidst civilians.

It is always better to close your mouth and allow people to assume that you’re a nitwit than to open your mouth and confirm it, the video Darlington Chidera Ibekwe made was just a clear receipt to show the world that you are fighting a ‘personal interest war’ …”

Meanwhile, while in Imo please, trust no security personnel because it’s riskier.


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