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#HEALTH: Disadvantages Of Plastic Water Cans And Their Effect On Human

#HEALTH: Disadvantages Of Plastic Water Cans And Their Effect On Human by Succex Chiemela Obioma


Water cans are containers that are being used for the sole purpose of putting water into them so they could be sold or drank.

Over the years we have recorded millions of people all of a sudden with no history of medical cases suddenly developed strange symptoms of illness and after so many tests conducted a strange case is diagnosed leaving the patients speechless.

The idea of a research was conducted and we had to find out what we consume has the possibility of snapping life and joy out of us.

A clear example is water containers and other plastic products, most water cans carry a chemical called BPA

BPA is a chemical compound, it is a colorless solid which is soluble in organic solvents but poorly soluble.

This chemical is found in plastic,
The recent trends of people trying to live like a millionaire carrying plastic bottles containing BPA not knowing they are silently

Causing harms like
? Infertility issues
?Altered brain development
? Cancer
?Heart complications
?blood pressure issue
?Diabetes 2
?Cardiovascular issues to their body.

I know you might feel that there is no better way of drinking water even a borehole might not be safe

Sit back think very well how our ancestors didn’t have such cases and you will be surprised

Now the truth is
Not all plastic bottles have BPA, but BPA interferes with a lot of things in our bodies.

Let’s See how it affects unbirth/birth children
?Affects their brain
?Affects prostate glands

How to reduce the life-threatening cases ?

? Seek out BPA free products
? Don’t put plastic in the dishwasher
? Do not microwave
?Use glass or steel containers to store mostly hot food

Do this and save yourself from infertility,
Cancer, Heart complications among others.

Join us in our next topic as we discuss how our ancestors never had this container health-related issues.

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