May 23, 2024

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#Lifestyle: Don’t Give Your Enemies The Tools They Need To Hang You, Reno Omokri.

#Lifestyle: Don’t Give Your Enemies The Tools They Need To Hang You- Reno Omokri.

Reno Omokri is a former aid to Ex President Goodluck Jonathan. He is an author, a Pastor, an activist and a very knowledgeable man.

He is also a social media influencer, a political commentator, a YouTuber and as he refers himself Buhari Tormmentor.

He daily shares nugget of wisdom and advices to his followers.

Speaking to his followers in an article he said

if you want to be successful in this world your starter pack include your smile and your silence. You need your smile when your enemies expect you to cry and you need your silence when they expect you to say something they can misquote.

Practice the art of saying many things without revealing anything. Be a good conversationalist not a good blabber. Talk about latest tech, the weather, music, movies, football, but never talk about your plans. Don’t give your enemies the tools they need to hang you!

Obviously, what he said is true. So many of us are suffering because we gave out the plans that should make us millionaires. You don’t need to share your secret for people to acknowledge your conversation skills.

Be careful when talking with people, keep your plans, family and secret life out of it.

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