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#LOVE: Bride Narrates How she met her husband while in a relationship.

#LOVE: Bride narrates how she met her husband while in a relationship.

Marriage is a blissful union of two wonderful people who found love and understand each.

While we celebrate marriages it might surprise you if the couples tell you how they met each other. Most of them didn’t meet each other like they were destined to marry.

Some were enemies, hated and snubbed each other until somehow fate stepped in and changed things.

Such was the case for a bride who narrated how she met her husband.

The story shared by TosinJoshWedding goes
I went to see my friend at the nail studio where she was getting her nails done. At that time I was having issues with my ex boyfriend and we just discussed what was going on. She was on top of the phone with her man. Basically, he was part of the conversation as well. We just had a brief discussion and that was it.

When I got home, I got a call from my friend saying she wanted to introduce me to someone. At that point, I wasn’t really interested because my heart was full. But I said okay, send me his instagram let me check him out” lol.

After a while he sent me a message on instagram and apparently, he was already following me but I didn’t notice. He had been on my case low key but he was shy to shoot his shot.

Moving on we started talking and I told him I was in a relationship. He was a cool guy; we were even from the same home town and we were just friend nothing more.

My ex and I eventually ended things as we kept having issues and I realized we weren’t compatible. In December 2018, my friend (now my husband to be) got back from Spain and we finally met.

He came to pick me up at mine, we went to have lunch and we basically spent the whole of December together! In January 2019, I went to Canada and he went to Spain.

Trust me this was a difficult period for us and communication was really a struggle because we were trying to know each other.
We started dating long-distances and finally in January 2021, he proposed.

This how a lady met her soul mate/husband and eventually got married. There are lots of lessons to learn from her story. Don’t e rude to strangers and be open to people. No matter what you are going through have one trusted person you share it with who know they could have a solution.

To my dear men please keep shooting your shot but know when there is limit. Apart from this case some ladies are okay and happy with their partners coming to scatter things in the name of love is not nice. After all if you truly love someone you’ll wish her peace and the best life whether it will e given by you or not.
Congratulations, may her home be blessed.

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