May 15, 2024

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#Love: Ladies these 5 factors can bring any man your way.

#Love: See Five things that can bring you that ideal man

The quest to get a partner can sometimes be a tedious and hard task. Most people when they sense it is time to get married automatically starts pretending so that they can attract a nice suitor.

Here are fours factors that can attract men to you (women) maybe tomorrow or next we’ll write about factors that can attract women to men.

1) Dressing: The first mindset someone have about you is through your dressing. By default if you dress well people will see you as a good person it takes interaction and relationship to think other wise. It is for this reason we say ‘How you dress is how you will be address’. For everyone our dress pattern really matters. When a man looks at your dressing, what message is passed? Is it a message of responsibility, modesty and discipline or a message of dedication, immorality and irresponsibility? We must understand that no matter how bad a man is when it comes to marriage he is very serious and intentional about it because it’s a lifetime action. Also because he is conscious of the kind of children he wants to raise. As ladies dress modesty and responsible. You can still look very good and decent without showing your body. Also dress like a single person, dress like someone who is intentionally looking for a husband, be matured and wise.

2) Your language: How do you talk? Do you have mouth diarrhea? Is your mouth loose and undisciplined. Men are looking at how you talk and what you say. They don’t want some one that’ll insult them in their house. They need someone wise and matured to contribute intelligently to matters that concern the family and society. Please learn to control your tongue and language. It is not everything you should say. A man should be honored no matter his level or status. Apart from men, everyone should be honored, this will help you when dealing with people.

3)Your character: Character is the summation of who you are, your personality. It circles your attitude, language, behavior, mindset, dressing, and relationship with others etc. The reason this one comes third is that it is invincible, it only manifests with time. Character has not only destroyed the opportunity for some ladies to get married. It has also ruined homes. Ask yourself, do I have a good character?

4) Beauty and Shape: Men love what the see, it is from the eyes lust have hold. Beauty and shape surprisingly attracts men to women faster than any factor. How beautiful are you? How do you take care of your skin and body? Do you workout and check diet? Those are important factors to consider when building yourself. Whenever you want to go out as a lady, you are expected to be on your best. Do the makeup, make sure your hair is neat, look good. Although this factor attracts men to women, it can’t keep them and most times it’s a function of lust not love. Any man who comes to you on this basics just want to eat and run, please be careful.

5)What people say about you? Last but not the least, people’s opinion about you matters much. Maybe he might not ask, but he can be where people are talking about you. People’s opinion have ruined marriages, destroy relationships and crippled trust. Most times their opinion is based on your character and relationship with them. Be wise, matured and treat everyone nice.

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