May 19, 2024

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#Bible: The Bible is Outdated; Needs to be Edited – Amanda Chisom

#Bible: The Bible is Outdated; Needs to be Edited – Amanda Chisom

Amanda Chisom a renowned blogger, ambassador and a model caused an internet sensation yesterday when she made a post that got many people talking.

She regularly updates her fans and followers with news and gist. Yesterday she said;

The bible is overdue for editing. You cannot be using a book written 3000 years ago for people of Arab descent to set standard for everybody. It is long due for editing’

The post sparked reaction from people who came to support her, criticize the notion or catch fun. She argued that the bible has been edited over the centuries and she doesn’t see anything wrong with editing it again. She cited an example using the red sea, saying that from childhood she believed the sea was red but when she visited it she found out it was never red.

Replying to a follower who commented to support her she said, I have asked that they remove psalm 91 and 24. Why can’t another person be inspired to write new books and added, why should certain clause that are not realistic still be there….. And so on

Other people reacted by saying it is the word of God and some things are not to be joked with. Some people said she should start the editing herself. It was indeed a tough battle as she struggled to defend herself with point’s amiss serious opposition from people.

Due to heavy comments and criticzing by people she locked the post to prevent further comments.

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