June 12, 2024

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#Tragic: Single mom put up her son for sale

Sometimes the things we see online can make us weep and cry. Life sometimes treat people in a very hard and harsh manner that they do unthinkable things and sin against divinity, humanity and nature.

The woman

Who knows their conditions or experience, it shouldn’t justify her actions.

Well the actions of a single mom, Victoria Blessing today shocked people; she put up her son for sale.

She wrote on her Facebook timeline ‘for sale for sale if interested you can DM in private or call not d car the wonderful boy standing am serious not joking. 08139758771


She re-shared the post to show she was not joking and urged interested buyers to call. Friends and well wishers tried to change her mind, some urge her to just hold on but it seems like she have made up her mind having close her comment section to prevent more comments and re-shared the post to show she is serious.

Please what do you suggest we do in this case, for her to come openly to do this things must be really hard but what of the boy is he her son?

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