May 17, 2024

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#Twitter: Davido Becomes The First African to hit 10 million twitter followers.

Davido becomes the first African to hit 10 million twitter followers.

Twitter is a micro blogging app founded in 2007 by Jack Dorsey.

Among all popular social media app, twitter is the hardest to get followers. This is because of the kind of users. Unlike other social media app, Twitter users are intentional people. For you to be an influencer you must be good, popular and consistent.

Also because twitter is small compared to other social media platforms. Having over 350 million followers users twitter is not that populated.

Despite the difficulty, some people still amass millions of followers.

Shortly after the Twitter ban was lifted in Nigeria, Davido who is the highest followed Twitter user in Africa hit 10 million followers.

Congratulations to Davido on this feat. He is indeed influential in Africa and the world at large.

Just for fact, Barack Obama is the most followed Twitter user on earth with over 150 million followers.

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