May 14, 2024

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#Unknown Gunmen: Pastor shot at by Six unknown gunmen in Enugu

#Unknown Gunmen: Pastor shot at by Six unknown gunmen in Enugu

A reverend, Chibuikem John was shot by unknown gunmen on Engun. The unknown gunmen fired many bullets on his car.The unknown gunmen menace became a huge problem last year. After the release of prisoners in IMO state on Easter day, so many crises have been perpetrated by these masked criminals.The funny thing is that nobody knows who these people are. At first people thought they are IPOB but with lots of crises happening in the east which are linked to them nobody can say for sure who they are.Rev Chibuikem john is a pastor, evangelist in assemblies who recently left assemblies to begin his own ministry. Few days ago he posted a letter to the council where he humbly fortified his position in AG to purse his own interdenominational minister. The name of the ministry according to him is Jesus Saves ministry.However Few days after making this announcement he was attacked by unknown gunmen. The unknown gunmen fired him many times, some hit his front glass, door and one pierced the driver seat to hit on the thigh.He shared the horrible incident and thank God for saving his life.He wrote ‘HE SAVED ME!!!I was attacked & shot at, yesterday morning, by six unknown gunmen many times while driving at Enugu. One of the bullets passed through my car door and hit my left tight, but the Jesus I serve, my lord and savior saved me. I’m safe and sound, I survived. Glory to God.Friend, family, well wishes, and members joined him thank God. Indeed Jesus saves.

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