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#Vawulence: Popular influencer dragged online for allegedly requesting nude from ladies.

#Vawulence: Popular influencer dragged online for allegedly requesting nude from ladies.

Popular Facebook influencers, content creator and an admin of Yorochi TV is dragged online for requesting nudes from ladies before approving their post.

It was gathered that the influencer Nedu is the chief admin in a popular group Yorochitv. For your post to be shared in the group, it must be approved by any of the admins. Nedu is said to request for the nudes of female members of the group before he approves their posts.

According to some ladies who spoke up on the issue, he has been doing this for some years now and just got discovered.

His issue came to the limelight when king trust God, an influencer threaten to drag him(Undisclosed) if he failed to apologize publicly.

He later apologise to everyone, but that didn’t solve the issue as people said what he did was wrong and needed to be severely punished and dragged.


Some Facebook users insisted that the issue can’t just die because he drags other people, and shaded influencers who refused to drag him because he is their daddy.

A Facebook user Determined judge blasted all who failed to drag him and ignited the fire for the main dragging.

Ichie David, the owner and founder of yorochitv had to remove him from the group to protect the community standard.
Read what he said.

However the apology post from nedu and the post threatening to drag him from kingtrustGod have been deleted.

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