May 23, 2024

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#Election: To vote you must have a PVC, Adaku Duru.

Election: To vote you must have a PVC, Adaku Duru.

PVC stands for personal voters card. It is the only way you can vote in an election. Without your PVC you cannot vote in an election. However a lot of people complain about the government but fail to vote because they don’t have pvc or theirs has expired.

Sharing the knowledge with her followers she urged them to have a PVC or validate theirs if they will vote in 2023 election for her.

She said, To vote for Adaku you must have a PVC

Please, check the back of your Voters Card,

if it was registered in 2011, you need to

revalidate it at the INEC office.

The new INEC Card reader for 2023 election will not be able to read it.

Do it now, to avoid disenfranchisement,

Your vote counts Go and revalidate at any INEC office around you


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Adaku Duru aka quingist is running for limo state house of assembly, Isiala mbano constituency and she needs your support.

Do you have a PVC? Has your own expired? Remember you can’t vote if you don’t have a PVC or yours have expired.

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