May 17, 2024

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Baby Alert: Apostle Michael wife delivers a bouncing baby boy.

#Baby Alert: Apostle Michael wife delivers a bouncing baby boy.

The joy of every couples is to have a child. Children are special gift from God and the joy of every husband and wife.

Every man and woman is excited to become a father or mother.

Well apostle michale Orokpo and his wife Osenaga Michael Orokpo are the latest parents in town after Osenaga Orokpo delivered a baby boy.

Apostle Michael sharing the news on his facebook wall wrote….

Unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given.

23rd of April 2021 I was still just a man, 24th April 2021 I became a husband, 7th of February 2022, I am now a father.

The Prophet has landed. Join me in celebrating God’s faithfulness, God is a good God, Jesus is Lord.

Osenaga Michael Orokpo is indeed my earthly reward. Please help me bless my wife today.

His wife Osenaga elated by the news wrote…

God has given to us a son and we’re eternally grateful.

Friends, fans and family celebrated with them.

congratulations to them.

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