May 18, 2024

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#Crime: Futa students best man to stupor for brutalizing and extorting student.

#Crime: Futa students beat man to stupor for brutalizing and extorting student.

There are some stuff people do thinking they’ll go free only to be caught one day. In university the issue of brutalizing and extorting students is a serious crime.

When student who came to school to read and secure their future are brutalized one cannot help but wish the worst for the culprit.

For some time he has been doing this and going scout free. Brutalizing and extorting from student who failed to meet his needs and until yesterday when his cup filled.

The student of FUTA reportedly beat him to an unrecognizable state for his wicked crime. After the beating they gave him energy drink before handing him to the right authorities.

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