June 22, 2024

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#Election: Abubakar Saraki declares his intention to run for president.

#Election: Abubakar Saraki declares his intention to run for president.

As 2023 general election draw nearer many politicians are declaring their intentions to run for different offices.

Some of these famous and influential politicians have declared their interest to run for president.

Joining the list is Abubakar Saraki who in a sponsored post on Facebook declared his intentions to run for president.

he said, Thanks, Ariyo,

For quite some time now, as a nation, we have focused on the old arguments of ethnicity and regional sentiments, instead of capacity, competence, and other critical issues.

However, whenever we watch football and when it is time to celebrate as Nigerians at weddings and other social engagements, we are united.

Why should we allow past issues to drag us back and define us? Why do we focus on the old issues that do not define our future? This is why, based on my track record, if I am allowed to lead, all Nigerians will have a greater sense of what it means to be truly Nigerian!

And yes, I believe that I am the “Nigerian for all Nigerians!”

So he has officially joined the presidential race. We wish him success in his political ambition.

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